Small, fun classes, running seven days a week


We tone, lengthen and strengthen! Expect a mix of strength work using the resistance of the springs, interspersed with stretches to help to create long, lean muscles.

The reformer provides a full body, low impact movement session; exercises can be modified to suit your experience and your body. 

Jumpboard class


Attaching the jumpboard to the reformer allows for a low impact endurance challenge for your lower body muscles especially; think abs, glutes and legs. It’s horizontal jumping! This is a fast-paced class, providing a little cardio in your week. 

Jumpboard is not recommended for clients with chronic low back, knee or hip pain, or pre-natal clients past the first trimester. We also recommend attending a few regular reformer classes first, if you are new to Pilates)


Breath, body, and mind. Yoga helps to relieve stress, support healthy habits, improve emotional health and ease back and arthritis pain. Our Hatha, Flow and Express classes offer a variety of options for strength and length, while our Restorative classes encourage you to quiet your mind while holding supported poses, using a variety of props.

Yoga class at BodyLife Pullenvale
Mat pilates class at BodyLife Pullenvale

Mat Pilates

The Original Pilates. Did you know that Joseph Pilates created the Reformer in order to help his clients achieve the mat work exercises? The ultimate lengthening and strengthening session, mat Pilates will hit your core like no other class. We use a variety of props to offer variety, challenge or sometimes assistance, so clients can work to their own ability.


Don’t think you need to be a dancer to come to Barre! These classes provide a fun environment to really get those legs, butts and arms working. It’s a mix of dance-inspired exercise, functional movement (think squats) and mat Pilates, all set to fun music.

Barre class at BodyLife Pullenvale
Stretch & release class at BodyLife Pullenvale

Stretch & Release

A little treat of a class to find length, and a little reset. Sometimes on the reformer, sometimes on the mat we focus on finding space in the hips, opening the chest, and twisting and turning through the spine.

2 per week


6 month minimum term
Billed weekly by direct debit



12 month minimum term
Billed weekly by direct debit



No lock in contract
Billed weekly by direct debit