Private sessions, or share a session with a friend, team mate or family member. These sessions are
perfect for:

Injury recovery, injury prevention and surgery preparation

We can work with your medical and allied health professionals to rehab your body post surgery, or even assist with strengthening before surgical intervention

Pregnancy- pre and post-natal

Focus on areas that are specific to you and your journey. We know it’s important to keep your body moving through your pregnancy and beyond, and your body needs different things through each of the (four) trimesters. Move in a way that is safe, with expert supervision.

Sport specific training

The perfect complement to your current training and gym routine; Pilates will work on imbalances in the body, especially those caused by the repetition of competitive sports. Develop the supporting muscles around your main drivers for more efficient breath and movement.

Goal specific work

Improving balance, posture and mobility are often the biggest goals with our Pilates clients, but an increasingly common goal “I want to be able to get up and down to the floor to play with my kids/grandkids”. No matter what your goal Is, these sessions are tailored to you

Anyone who is starting out, nervous, or simply doesn’t go for the group fitness style

We understand it can be daunting to go straight into a group class when you are starting out, especially if you haven’t been participating in regular movement. Private and  Duo sessions will get you moving in the privacy of a quiet studio. We can use these sessions to prepare you for group classes if that is your goal, getting you familiar with the equipment, perhaps reintroducing you to your body, building strength and showing you the ‘shapes’ your body can make.

Or maybe group classes are just not your ‘thing’, and that’s fine too!
Private pilates class at BodyLife Brisbane
Private pilates class at BodyLife Brisbane
But what is it?

In our private and duo sessions we work on a variety of equipment, not just the Reformer. You will get to meet the Wunda Chair, the Tower and the Arc, alongside a number of small props; we will provide a range of exercises working towards your specific goals, and a full-body movement session. This can range from stretch and release, to a full body challenge, all based on where you are at in your journey, and where you want to get to.

Our private and duo sessions are run outside of normal class times; we will work with you to suit your schedule.

Introductory Private Pack

Private initial consultation
+ 3 private sessions


1 Private Session


10 Private Sessions


Introductory Duo Pack

Private initial consultation
+ 3 duo sessions


1 Duo Session


10 Duo Sessions