Terms and Conditions for BodyLife Membership

  1. You agreed to sign a waiver form with BodyLife, which is agreed to when creating your MindBody account, or you may be asked to sign digitally in studio if BodyLife staff/team member created your account on your behalf.

  2. You can cancel your membership with us up to 14 days from the date you commenced classes (for the avoidance of doubt the 14-day period commences from the day you complete your first session with BodyLife). This is only applicable to new membership agreements. If you cancel within the 14-day cooling off period, BodyLife will refund your money less any set-up fee or the value of any promotional items.

  3. People under the age of 18 are required to provide a certificate from a parent or legal guardian confirming approval to train with BodyLife.

  4. You warrant that you are in good physical condition and you know of no medical or other reason why you cannot or should not do active or passive exercise. You recognise that the fitness instructor(s) is not able to provide you with medical advice with regard to your fitness and that any information or advice given is merely a guideline to the limitations of your ability to exercise. You agree to not hold any certified trainer or directors of BodyLife liable for any injury that may occur during a BodyLife session.

  5. Membership fees are paid in advance, by direct debit from a bank account or credit card.

  6. You must make sure:
    • Your account can accept direct debits
    • There is enough money in your account on the payment day.
    • You tell us if you are transferring or closing your account at least 72 hours before the next direct debit
    • You notify us of any changes to your credit card, such as its expiry date or number, at least 72 hours before your next debit

  7. Declined or Failed Payments
    If you do not fully pay your fees on the due date, BodyLife will suspend access to BodyLife until any outstanding balance has been paid and you have given us your updated account details if they are required. BodyLife will continue to debit your nominated account without notice, until BodyLife have received the total amount you owe BodyLife. BodyLife will make a reasonable effort to advise you on the status of the failed payments by letting you know beforehand by phoning you and/or sending an email to address provided for membership/s in your name, you must make sure that the payment method you choose remains valid for the length of your agreement. This includes third-party accounts. If the details you give us fail, you are liable for all resulting fees. You should update your details and are obligated to complete your minimum term of payments.

  8. Can BodyLife Make Changes To Your Agreement?
    BodyLife may sometimes add to, change or remove our terms and conditions. This includes changing the opening and closing hours, the BodyLife services and facilities and membership fees. Sometimes, BodyLife may also close for refurbishment to improve the facilities. If this substantially reduces our ability to provide our service to you, BodyLife will reduce your membership fees accordingly on a pro-rata basis. The most up-to-date terms and conditions always apply. BodyLife will give you at least 28 days’ notice of any changes. If BodyLife do not fulfil our obligations to you, you may be able to cancel your membership. Unless the law states otherwise, you won’t have any other claim against us if this happens.

  9. Can BodyLife Increase Your Fees?
    BodyLife reserves the right to increase your fees only at any time after your agreement has ended. BodyLife will make a reasonable effort to tell you about this at least 28 days beforehand by writing to the address you last gave us (which may be an email address). BodyLife will consider that you have received our letter or email on the second business day after it is sent. Where BodyLife have made a reasonable effort to let you know about a fee increase, you authorise us to increase any debits from your nominated account.

  10. Suspensions and Cancellations
    BodyLife understand that from time to time you may not be able to attend due to holidays, rest periods, becoming sick or injured, or wish to cancel your membership altogether. The following rules apply to suspensions and cancellations:

    • Memberships can be suspended at any time by providing 2 working days notice to BodyLife Brisbane.
    • one-week minimum suspension
    • Six-week maximum suspension each year
    • Suspensions cannot be backdated

    Foundation Memberships
    • You can cancel at any time throughout your contract
    • Must provide 4 weeks’ paid notice
    • $0 cancellation fee

    Contract Membership
    • Cancellation fee: 50% of the remaining contract value
    • Must provide 4 weeks’ paid notice
    • Fee does NOT apply under the following circumstances: Sickness/Injury resulting in not being able to train for the remainder of the contract (must provide doctors/specialist certificate)

  11. Use of Your Image You agree to allow BodyLife to take a video or photo to use for promotional purposes from time to time.

  12. Unless we receive a formal written complaint outlining an issue with the terms and conditions outlined in this document, it is automatically assumed that you agree to the above.
Class Packs
Class packs aren’t memberships or contracts and do not afford the same flexibility.
10 or 20 class packs –
  • are unable to be cancelled resulting in a refund
  • are unable to be suspended
  • are unable to be extended in duration. Commencement date occurs from the first class attended after purchase or from 2 weeks after the purchase date, whichever occurs first
  • late cancellation or non-attendance to class will result in the offending class being deducted from the pack
  • any of the above may be waivered in individual cases, solely by approval from BodyLife administration and with the accompaniment of medical certification or advice.
Trial or intro passes
Trial or intro passes are offered to provide a ‘taste’ of Bodylife classes, times, style and instructors. The trial period commences from the date of first class or two weeks from the purchase date, whichever occurs first. Extension to duration or refunds will not be provided.